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Is Now the Time to Schedule a Private Jet with Exclusive Air, Inc.?

In the days of physical distancing, flying via a private jet has additional benefit and appeal. A private charter booked through Exclusive Air, Inc., provides you with privacy, and ease of traveling on your schedule and no one else’s. Aside from the crewmembers, you and your travelers have the entire jet.

Exclusive Air is a worldwide charter brokerage company for private (often referred to as business) jets. We arrange charters for both business and leisure. While we do not operate our own aircraft, we draw on a network of global operators to provide aircraft and crew that meet the Wyvern Wingman Standard—a highly respected measure for safety vetting.

Exclusive Air will provide various options for your travel based on the length of flight, number of passengers, and requested amenities. We will monitor your travel from the moment you arrive at the departure airport to arrival at your final destination.

Availability during peak travel times may be limited or problematic, so it is always advisable to begin planning early. International flights may require additional time to obtain permits and special considerations.

Exclusive Air arranges flights worldwide. While some areas have fewer options, we provide as much information as necessary for you to make sound decisions.

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Do I have aircraft or departure choices?

We will provide options for your itinerary based on the mission, aircraft availability, and financial parameters. Whether you need a short domestic trip or a complex international itinerary, we will offer travel solutions that expertly meet your needs. Most recently, we have seen stronger trends for international travel including the Far East, Middle East, and South America. No matter where your travels take you, we can help.

Why consider an aircraft charter?

Aircraft charter provides unparalleled flexibility, increasing your productivity on the ground and in the air. Here are some situations where charter offers increased productivity:

 Time savings
 Flexibility in travel times
 Limited routes provided by commercial services
 Conducive setting for business conversations
 Supplemental lift for established flight departments
 Enhanced privacy and security
 Board meetings
 Multiple site visits
Will I experience delays due to bad weather or air traffic delays?

Exclusive Air will provide an expectation for your experience of flying on a charter aircraft. This will include setting expectations for when things go well and when there are disruptions. Brokers can provide advance information for weather, air traffic delays, and necessary permits and/or reservations for landing (“slots”). However, we cannot provide advance information for domestic or international mechanical failures. While we will work toward a back-up plan to the mechanical problem, this sometimes may be a commercial flight due to charter permitting.
Will Exclusive Air be competitively priced?

At Exclusive Air, we pride ourselves on high quality charters, fair pricing and exceptional customer service. We don’t expect our vendors to cut costs on training, safety, or experience. We believe that you get what you pay for, and at Exclusive Air, we want our passengers to experience quality service at a fair price.
Does Exclusive Air only work in the Northeast region?

Our offices are conveniently located just outside Boston in Nashua, NH. While many of our clients are based in the Northeast, we can assist with any requirements you may have around the globe.
What is the Wyvern Wingman PASS™ certification?

The PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) certificate confirms that the aircraft (by tail number) and the flight crew meet The Wyvern Wingman Standard™. These certificates are specifically issued for each flight with your date of travel, itinerary, aircraft and crew.

Only an authorized Wyvern Broker™ such as Exclusive Air can make the promise of booking you on a Wyvern Wingman flight. Without a PASS report, you cannot be sure your passengers are onboard a Wyvern Wingman flight.

Wyvern LTD may be reached for any additional questions at 800 946-4626.

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