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Have you heard of auditing companies such as Wyvern and ARG/US in your search for charter services?

Many aircraft charter companies are Wyvern or ARG/US approved. What does that mean to the consumer and how are the companies different? Both organizations offer air charter auditing services for corporate aviation. The auditing company verifies that charter operators meet specific standards. However, the two companies use different standards. Wyvern Ltd. standards require higher experience levels for the captain and co-pilot. For this reason and many more, Exclusive Air utilizes only Wyvern Wingman operators for its aircraft charter services.

What is the Wyvern Pass™ Certification?

The PASS (Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey) certificate confirms that the aircraft (by tail number) and the flight crew meet The Wyvern Wingman Standard™. These certificates are specifically issued for each flight with your date of travel, itinerary, aircraft and crew.

Only an authorized Wyvern Broker™ such as Exclusive Air can make the promise of booking you on a Wyvern Wingman flight. Without a PASS report, you cannot be sure your passengers are onboard a Wyvern Wingman flight.

Wyvern LTD may be reached for any additional questions at 800 946-4626.

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