Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership

Exclusive Air, Inc. offers a fractional travel management program for companies or individuals who own a fractional share of an aircraft.  

Fractional aircraft ownership can be a great business investment. However, not all flights are best served by your specific fractional share. Aircraft, like other forms of transportation, are constructed for specific needs. Some are designed for short hops with just a few passengers while others are designed for long distance travel.

There may be situations where your fractional share is not the best choice for your travel, for example:

  • Blackout dates
  • Peak travel dates
  • International travel
  • Requirements for a larger or smaller aircraft
  • Requirements for a different aircraft due to airport limitations

Enjoy your trip more and save money by complementing your fractional share with charter hours. By understanding your share, travel needs, and destinations, Exclusive Air, Inc. can skillfully manage your costs, transit time and return on investment (ROI) on your fractional aircraft ownership.

Another service that Exclusive Air, Inc. offers is overseeing your fractional share. For some types of companies our interfacing service is very valuable to their productivity and time.

Feel free to speak with Holly Whitaker about the value for your company to learn about our fractional management services.  

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